P1 News

This session P1 have enjoyed learning about pirates and honey bees. The children had lots of fun dressing up on 2 special days for each of these topics.
We sang songs with the nursery and had a pirate parade around the school.
A local beekeeper visited us and we all learned about keeping bees. Mrs Wootton, one of our mums also came along dressed as a beekeeper with her smoker. We learned about the different jobs that bees do in the hive and then we acted it out in role play and to the music ‘ Flight of the bumble bee.’  
We were all ‘responsible citizens’ when we took part in a cyclathon and crocus planting to raise money for polio vaccinations. This special day was called ‘Focus on the crocus’. Thank you for all your support.

P76’s Wild Rainforest Extravaganza!

 On Wednesday 13th October 2010 you would have loved to be in the Lammermuirs rainforest to take part in some active learning (for the parents!) Everybody had a great time and learned a lot, however there were a few screams at the Lucky Dip too!

 The children worked really hard to plan and organise the activities for the open day and invited parents to come along.

 If you had come swinging in you would have been trekking through these hiss-terical activities:

  • Finding out what we have learned in our introduction and PowerPoint’s.
  • Learning about the rainforest at the ‘Stepping Stone Quiz’.
  • Getting dizzy at ‘Pin the Leaf on the Tree’.
  • Meeting a hungry tarantula at the ‘Lucky Dip’.
  • Tasting exotic flavours at the ‘Fruit Tasting’.
  • Trying to make a masterpiece while blindfolded at ‘Ready Steady Draw’.
  • Trying to find a way up from the Forest Floor to the Emergent Layer in the ‘Vines and Trunks’ challenge.
  • Leaving a fantastic comment in our Comments Book.
  • Taking a well earned rest at the Refreshments table.

 Here are some of p76’s comments:

 “It was very exciting and interesting and the parents really enjoyed it!” Carolyn

 “I enjoyed hearing the parents scream at the Lucky Dip.” James

 “It was a fantastic time. It was really fun and the parents learnt a lot about rainforests” Emma

 Here are some of the parents’ comments from the day:

 “Very entertaining! Enjoyed all of the activities. Everyone has worked very hard –well done!.”

 “Very good, well done to the children for putting this together. I thought the lucky dip was fun, but scary!”.”

 “Fantastic morning. Motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable children! Thank You.”

 P76 want to say a big thanks to all who came and made it such a great day.

 Please remember to SAVE THE RAINFORESTS!

Parent Council AGM Report

Here’s the Chairperson’s reports from the Parent Council AGM. Read all about the work done to help raise funds for the school and how much was raised. Remember they are always on the look out for new recruits so if you want to get involved speak to someone you know on the Parent Council or come along to the meetings. Details are on the website.

LPSPC Chairpersons Report 2009-2010

Gym T-Shirts

The new gym t-shirts in house colours have arrived and children can start wearing them for gym when school returns tomorrow. We are grateful to Lynette Stevenson for co-ordinating the order and t-shirts are still available at the fantastic price of £2.80.  Here’s a Borthwick t-shirt and sure you’ll agree that it would be great to see everyone wearing them for gym and sports day.

Autumn Fancy Dress Disco

The Parent Council are holding a fantastic fancy dress disco on Monday 1st November within the school. Come along, join in and have great fun!

Prizes for the best fancy dress

 There will be separate discos for  P1 – 3 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm and  P4 – 7 from  7:15pm – 8:15pm.  Tickets are £1.        

The link below has a form to print off and return to school with your details and payment.  

Fancy Dress Disco Form 


A Plea from the P7 Girls

A plea from the P7 girls!

We are writing to ask if the girls football team could please get a coach because it is unfair that other schools are getting to go to girls football tournaments and fundraiser football when we are not. We could maybe go up to the astro and practice ourselves because practice makes perfect! Please, please, please! Try and get us a coach because this is our last year of school and we really want to play football!!

From the girls football team.

Parent Council AGM

All parents are invited to our AGM on Thursday 14 October at 6.30pm.

This will be an opportunity to hear about the work of the Parent Council over the last session. You will also have the opportunity to view our Smartboards purchased with funds from the Parent Council.

Entertainment will be provided by the children in P1-3 who will sing a selection of songs. Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

We hope that you are able to come along and look forward to seeing you.