P76’s Wild Rainforest Extravaganza!

 On Wednesday 13th October 2010 you would have loved to be in the Lammermuirs rainforest to take part in some active learning (for the parents!) Everybody had a great time and learned a lot, however there were a few screams at the Lucky Dip too!

 The children worked really hard to plan and organise the activities for the open day and invited parents to come along.

 If you had come swinging in you would have been trekking through these hiss-terical activities:

  • Finding out what we have learned in our introduction and PowerPoint’s.
  • Learning about the rainforest at the ‘Stepping Stone Quiz’.
  • Getting dizzy at ‘Pin the Leaf on the Tree’.
  • Meeting a hungry tarantula at the ‘Lucky Dip’.
  • Tasting exotic flavours at the ‘Fruit Tasting’.
  • Trying to make a masterpiece while blindfolded at ‘Ready Steady Draw’.
  • Trying to find a way up from the Forest Floor to the Emergent Layer in the ‘Vines and Trunks’ challenge.
  • Leaving a fantastic comment in our Comments Book.
  • Taking a well earned rest at the Refreshments table.

 Here are some of p76’s comments:

 “It was very exciting and interesting and the parents really enjoyed it!” Carolyn

 “I enjoyed hearing the parents scream at the Lucky Dip.” James

 “It was a fantastic time. It was really fun and the parents learnt a lot about rainforests” Emma

 Here are some of the parents’ comments from the day:

 “Very entertaining! Enjoyed all of the activities. Everyone has worked very hard –well done!.”

 “Very good, well done to the children for putting this together. I thought the lucky dip was fun, but scary!”.”

 “Fantastic morning. Motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable children! Thank You.”

 P76 want to say a big thanks to all who came and made it such a great day.

 Please remember to SAVE THE RAINFORESTS!