P6 Visit to Robinwood

P6 visit to Robinwood

What an experience was had by all our pupils at Robinwood last week. Robinwood is set in the country overlooking lovely moorland with farms nearby and a small river flowing through the valley. Each group had their own leader, who supported and encouraged them from breakfast to bed-time.

They were on a quest to challenge themselves to many different activities, like the obstacle course. Teamwork and cooperation is very important and children are encouraged to support and praise each other. The trees in the grounds are used for a trapeze, one of the rooms in the main has been turned into a climbing room, and the piranha pool is set near to the indoor caving. Huge tents (yurts) are also used for night-line and evening tasks, in which staff are also expected to participate.

Now they are busy planning and preparing for their Robinwood Assembly to which all P6 parents are welcome to attend on Friday 5 November at 9.15am.