P4X News

Primary 4X really enjoyed our ‘Joyning the Learning’ topic last term on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ As a class we made Golden Tickets and Wonka Bars, wrote newspaper articles and stories about the factory, learned how to calculate change in ‘Wonka’s Wonderful Sweet Shop’, acted out scenes from the book and even learned an Oompa Loompa dance!

We had an open parents evening to give tours of our own ‘Chocolate Factory’ which the pupils really enjoyed. Thank you to all the parents and guardians that came along to our evening and for all the positive comments!

The class also learned about other countries in the Commonwealth and worked co-operatively in groups to present the information they had found, pupils said that they really enjoyed having the freedom to do their own research.

This term we are focusing our learning around ‘The Fish in Room 11,’ a novel by Heather Dyer. The children will carry out various activities linked to this and will have it as their main reading book.

The class have been working very hard and I’m sure this will continue in the lead up to Christmas!