P7’s Rainforest Assessment Afternoon

On Wednesday 13th October 2010, Primary 7 invited family and friends into their classroom to involve them in their Active Learning Challenge.

 The children and the adults were involved in a line-up and they were put into random groups. They had the opportunity to get their ‘Voice on the Table’ and everyone was allocated a role.

Each group brainstormed their ideas on how to create an ‘interactive, stand-alone’ model which showed all their knowledge about the rainforest.

 The groups chose their materials and began to create their models together.

The groups were given 1 hour to complete their models and then they were displayed for everyone to evaluate.

The groups were involved in a carousel to visit each model and give feedback on how informative and interactive they were. Each model was assessed against the Success Criteria which was given at the beginning of the challenge.

The afternoon was extremely successful and the feedback from our parent visitors was very positive.