P5’s Magic Castles

P5 have been studying Castles in Medieval Times linking to all areas of the Curriculum. We have dramatised the Wars of Independence, learned medieval dances, built model castles and miniature working crossbows. We had a challenge to see which fired furthest and a girl won with a score of over 3 metres!

We linked castles to our maths and numeracy work by measuring area, plotting co-ordinates, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, tiling, ordering dates  – earliest to latest, finding lines of symmetry and completing the missing half of symmetrical castle shapes.

We also read lots about castles and even watched a few ancient castle videos!!

 All this was brought together in a very successful and well attended ‘Castle Evening’ where the pupils were in costumes of Jesters, Lords, Ghosts, Ladies, Knights or Servants. They acted as Tour Guides showing their visitors around the galleries of art work and activities which included sewing, an apothecary corner and conker challenges to name but a few.

We got amazing feedback from young and old and we certainly have Confident Individuals, Successful Learners and Effective Contributors in P5.