ECO Committee Update

The Eco Committee have had a very busy couple of months. Read on to find out what we have been up to!

Eco Pots:- The Eco Committee, Learning Council and Pupil Forum worked together during November to design pots for our Christmas Fair. We re-used our old newspapers to make pots.  We then painted the pots and sold them at the Fair.  Thanks to everyone who bought a pot.  We made the fantastic amount of £66.

Borrow A Brolly:- Our school has been asked to pilot a new initiative for Midlothian Council between 29th November 2010 and 25th January 2011. “Borrow A Brolly” hopes to encourage P4-P7 pupils, who walk from/to school to “Borrow A Brolly” from us on wet days instead of having their parents/carers coming to collect/drop them off in their car. This will hopefully reduce the amount of congestion around the school gate. We will let you know the results of the pilot.

Christmas Cards:- Our Christmas post begins on Monday 6th December. We would really like to encourage everyone to send just one card to their class this year. This is a great way to look after the environment over the festive season.

Rag Bag Collection:- In our school car park, near our Wildlife Garden we now have a Rag Bag Bin. This means you can recycle your old clothes, shoes, sheets etc throughout the year. The money we receive from your items helps to fund our school Eco Projects.

On Tuesday 14th December the Eco Committee has organised a special Rag Bag Collection. This is a great excuse to have a good clear out before Christmas. All items should be handed in to your child’s teacher or at the School Office by 9am on Tuesday 14th December.

Cycle Lockers:- A big thank you to Gillian Bathgate, Midlothian’s Schools Travel Plan Co-ordinator, who has secured funding for our school to have outdoor lockers. P6 and P7 pupils will now be able to store their cycle helmets in them.  We hope to receive our new lockers in the New Year.

And finally, the Eco Committee would like to wish everyone a “Green Christmas.” Remember to reduce, re-use and recycle over the festive season.