P2 December News

The Circus Comes to Town.

 P2 have answered a plea from Midlothian Councillors about a problem with the local site for the Circus.  Due to football matches, the travelling Circus can’t visit Bonnyrigg this year and lots of local people are very sad about this.  So P2 had an idea!

‘Why don’t we have it in here!’ said the enthusiastic children.  Mr Rae and Mrs Thomson thought that this was a fantastic idea.  The pupils began writing to the councillor to tell him not to worry.  They then set about organising their Circus performance – At joined learning, parents/carers and grandparents have been supporting the performers develop their skills in juggling and plate spinning.  Mrs Campbell has been teaching the performers balancing tricks in PE.  Once the performers have perfected the show, they will perform for one night only as  Look out for your invitation to the performance.

Our party on the 20th December will have a circus theme and the children will be invited to dress up if they would like to!

 P2 pupils are very busy this term as December also brings with it, the Opening Ceremony of ‘Tradey Treats.’ The Fairtrade Shop run by P2 and P6.  The shop will begin selling a selection of Fairtrade fruit and chocolate products on Monday 13th December http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/   As part of Community Month, P2 will also visit the local Cooperative store to learn more about the business and the products it sells, the children are excited about the visit and have lots of questions for the Manager.