P5’s Magic Castles

P5 have been studying Castles in Medieval Times linking to all areas of the Curriculum. We have dramatised the Wars of Independence, learned medieval dances, built model castles and miniature working crossbows. We had a challenge to see which fired furthest and a girl won with a score of over 3 metres!

We linked castles to our maths and numeracy work by measuring area, plotting co-ordinates, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, tiling, ordering dates  – earliest to latest, finding lines of symmetry and completing the missing half of symmetrical castle shapes.

We also read lots about castles and even watched a few ancient castle videos!!

 All this was brought together in a very successful and well attended ‘Castle Evening’ where the pupils were in costumes of Jesters, Lords, Ghosts, Ladies, Knights or Servants. They acted as Tour Guides showing their visitors around the galleries of art work and activities which included sewing, an apothecary corner and conker challenges to name but a few.

We got amazing feedback from young and old and we certainly have Confident Individuals, Successful Learners and Effective Contributors in P5.

P2 Class News

The children have settled very well into P2 and been working very hard.  We have learnt all about Houses and Homes.  Armed with clipboards and pencils, we went on a walk around the local area to survey the types of houses around Lasswade Primary. When we returned we created graphs to display our results.  We are looking forward to a visit from Tam Baillie – Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People as we have been learning lots about the UN Rights of a Child. We have been discussing the ‘Right Brilliant Things’ around our local community which make a difference to us and have created some fantastic posters, letters and poems to explain them.

P2 have started learning about Fairtrade products and both classes have begun working with P6 to create Lasswade Primary’s Fairtrade Shop.  Keep an eye on the website to find out when it opens and how you can help us.

Finally, we have had a great set of Joined Learning afternoons this term, which have been enjoyed by the children, their parents and grandparents.  These afternoons will begin again on the 17th of November at 2.15pm.  Please come along and share in your child’s learning.

P4Y News

P4Y thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Joyning the Learning’ theme, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Wonka Night was very well supported and the children proudly took their families on a tour of the factory. Over £40 was raised from the sale of cakes kindly donated and the children will discuss at Class Council how they wish this money to be spent.

This term should be equally as exciting. We are about to begin our novel study “The Fish in Room 11”, we will also begin to establish a link with the Bonnyrigg Senior Social Forum and have enlisted the expertise of Mrs Mitchell from the nursery to help us learn some ballroom and Latin American dances during our PE sessions – think Strictly Come Dancing!

P4X News

Primary 4X really enjoyed our ‘Joyning the Learning’ topic last term on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ As a class we made Golden Tickets and Wonka Bars, wrote newspaper articles and stories about the factory, learned how to calculate change in ‘Wonka’s Wonderful Sweet Shop’, acted out scenes from the book and even learned an Oompa Loompa dance!

We had an open parents evening to give tours of our own ‘Chocolate Factory’ which the pupils really enjoyed. Thank you to all the parents and guardians that came along to our evening and for all the positive comments!

The class also learned about other countries in the Commonwealth and worked co-operatively in groups to present the information they had found, pupils said that they really enjoyed having the freedom to do their own research.

This term we are focusing our learning around ‘The Fish in Room 11,’ a novel by Heather Dyer. The children will carry out various activities linked to this and will have it as their main reading book.

The class have been working very hard and I’m sure this will continue in the lead up to Christmas!

P7’s Rainforest Assessment Afternoon

On Wednesday 13th October 2010, Primary 7 invited family and friends into their classroom to involve them in their Active Learning Challenge.

 The children and the adults were involved in a line-up and they were put into random groups. They had the opportunity to get their ‘Voice on the Table’ and everyone was allocated a role.

Each group brainstormed their ideas on how to create an ‘interactive, stand-alone’ model which showed all their knowledge about the rainforest.

 The groups chose their materials and began to create their models together.

The groups were given 1 hour to complete their models and then they were displayed for everyone to evaluate.

The groups were involved in a carousel to visit each model and give feedback on how informative and interactive they were. Each model was assessed against the Success Criteria which was given at the beginning of the challenge.

The afternoon was extremely successful and the feedback from our parent visitors was very positive.

P6 Visit to Robinwood

P6 visit to Robinwood

What an experience was had by all our pupils at Robinwood last week. Robinwood is set in the country overlooking lovely moorland with farms nearby and a small river flowing through the valley. Each group had their own leader, who supported and encouraged them from breakfast to bed-time.

They were on a quest to challenge themselves to many different activities, like the obstacle course. Teamwork and cooperation is very important and children are encouraged to support and praise each other. The trees in the grounds are used for a trapeze, one of the rooms in the main has been turned into a climbing room, and the piranha pool is set near to the indoor caving. Huge tents (yurts) are also used for night-line and evening tasks, in which staff are also expected to participate.

Now they are busy planning and preparing for their Robinwood Assembly to which all P6 parents are welcome to attend on Friday 5 November at 9.15am.