Rag Bag Collection

 On Tuesday 21st December the Eco Committee has organised a special Rag Bag Collection. This is a great excuse to have a good clear out before Christmas. All items should be handed in to your child’s teacher or at the School Office by 9am on Tuesday 21st December.

P6 News

Little did P6 realise that when they returned in October and started their novel study ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and the related topic ‘Earth and Climate’, they would be living some extreme weather conditions themselves.

Initially, they started finding out about different climate zones around the world, Britain having a temperate climate usually!  Hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, monsoons and tsunamis then grabbed their attention.  A mini challenge was planned to investigate other extreme kinds of weather, like avalanches. 

Instead, they have seen first hand how weather can affect lifestyle, sport and school. 

A curriculum for excellence is meant to be realistic, link with previous knowledge and extend their skills for the future.  Experiencing it first hand is even better!

 I couldn’t have planned it any better!

P5 December News

P5 are enjoying their novel, “The Scarecrow and his Servant” by Philip Pullman. They have reached an exciting part in the story and cannot wait for the school to re-open to find out what happens next! We have been using active learning strategies and drama to help us to explore the characters and the plot.

Our plans for our Community visit have been delayed a little due to school closures but we are hoping to visit the library in Bonnyrigg soon, set up a display of bookmarks and invite the Library staff in to see our Novel Study Learning Walls.

We were disappointed that our assembly on Festivals of Light could not take place on 3rd December as planned, due to adverse weather conditions, but hope to re-schedule before the end of term. Keep a look out for the new date!

We have been delighted with the support from parents in helping to make our Science Homework on “Light” so successful.

Both classes have been practising their dancing in readiness for the Christmas party on Tuesday, December 14th. A new version of the Gay Gordons is being planned and we are sure it will be a huge success!

P2 December News and Tradey Treats

P2X have been really busy this term.  We completed a novel study on “The Snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson.

P2X, P2Y and P6 are very excited about The Fair-Trade tuck-shop which we hope will be opening soon. After consultation with the rest of the name of the tuck-shop will be ‘Tradey Treats’.

P2X and P2Y ran a tasting session in November where children from other classes came to sample a variety of ‘goodies’ which be available in the tuck shop. We also designed posters so watch out for them appearing in school.

 We are really enjoying working together with P6 unfortunately due to the snowy weather we may have to delay opening but we are all looking forward to serving you lots of Tasty Fair Trade treats!


 We are working on a Circus project and hope to have a performance before the Christmas holidays. We have been learning different skills with Mrs. Campbell and are turning our classroom into a circus. Our party on the 20th December will have a circus theme and the children will be invited to dress up if they would like to!

4th year pupil, Keira Bowman from Lasswade High school came to be with us on work experience and she helped out with lots of activities for the Christmas Fair.

P4Y December News

We are beginning to set up a link with members of the Bonnyrigg Senior Social Forum as part of our work for Community Month. The plan is that members of the Forum will come into school to spend time with the pupils. During this time the children will share pieces of work, and perhaps some singing and dancing with the Forum. They will also interview the Forum representatives to establish ideas they may have for our meetings.

Our Fish in Room 11 novel study has been a great success. The pupils have taken part in activities such as Conscience Alley and Hot Seating. They have worked co-operatively to discuss plot and storyline, as well as make predictions, and are continuing to develop individual mind maps showing their thoughts about each character and its relationships with others.

Mrs Doyle is looking forward to seeing her pupils when they return after the ‘snow break’ and hearing how they spent their week. Before the Christmas break we HOPE to complete a series of lessons about Electricity and simple circuits.