P7 News

Primary 7 pupils have been involved in working with outdoor learning staff for ‘Natural Connections’. They braved the snowy conditions to spend a day orienteering with Mr Keane. The term was rounded of by a great night at the Primary 7 Christmas party. They were joined by the one and only ‘DJ Frizzell’ and the children worked up an appetite with lots of Scottish and disco dancing and enjoyed a buffet of take away pizza afterwards. This term Primary 7 are focussing on their ‘Scotland in the Future’ topic and they are looking forward to presenting at the Lasswade Primary School Scot’s Showcase in February.

Generation Science Visits

We are once again having a series of visits from Generation Science to enhance and support the curriculum in science. Generation Science are an off shoot of the Science Festival and organise quality, hands on sessions. They have fantastic resources that make explicit some of the many tricky science concepts! Generation Science use skilled presenters who provide an interactive learning experience which is great fun too!

 This session we have also been fortunate in applying for and obtaining a small grant for science which will allow us to charge one pound less per child for each visit. We appreciate these visits are costly, but we are convinced of their quality and worth. We are happy for any parents who would like to spread the cost over a number of weeks, to do so. Again if any parents feel they would like to see what a visit is like – just let me know.

Mrs Fox

P4Y Getting Animated

The children are very excited about the arrival of the animation kits and are enjoying working in small groups to experiment with various materials and produce short films. Miss Welsh, our Art Specialist, is looking at the work of  the Scottish sculptor and artist, Paolozzi . We hope to link this work and the children’s developing skills in animation with a final short film.

Our Scots Focus aims to look at the pastimes and toys of previous generations as well as those of today. The children will decide which elements of childhood they wish to preserve for the future and develop ways of promoting this sport, game, toy or activity.

We welcomed members of Bonnyrigg Senior Social Forum to school. The children enjoyed watching a film called “Singing Streets” and then split into groups to interview the Forum about their childhood. I was very proud of the children’s social skills!

We are now looking forward to the Scots Showcase before the February break. Poetry and songs are being committed to memory – with a lot of laughter along the way!

P4X The Polish(ed) Article

P4x have now completed their first eTwinning project; ‘Christmas’ with our partner school in Aleksandrów, Poland. We have made our own online profile and found out a bit more about the Polish children’s hobbies and interests. We have learned a few facts about Poland too.

We then exchanged PowerPoints about how we celebrate Christmas in Scotland. We found out lots of interesting information about Christmas in Poland by viewing their fantastic PowerPoint. There were lots of similarities but also quite a few differences. We have communicated with the Polish school using a special blog, e-mail and also through the post.

The children from both schools designed and made Christmas cards and decorations to send to one another to say Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, the snow delayed their arrival slightly so we had a nice Christmas package arriving for us in January! The Polish children have designed beautiful Christmas cards, which they have written both in English and Polish, and also some fantastic decorations.

If you would like to find out more about the project, ask somebody from p4x or come and see the display in our class area and on the special work wall.

The final part of this project was to write to the children to say a big thank you for all of their hard work. We have really enjoyed the project and are hoping to continue the partnership and begin a new project together very soon.

P4x have now moved on to our exciting ‘Scotland in the Future’ topic where we are very busy trying to help Dr Who with a special challenge he has given us. We will let you know how we get on next time…

P3 are Glowing

After all the glitz and glamour of our Christmas show, it seemed like we were going to have a nice quiet time at  school for a while – but then along came Dr Who and set us a challenge we couldn’t refuse! For our topic ‘Our Dreams For Scotland’, we have been asked to design a nature park to educate people about the wonderful wildlife in Scotland to inspire people to protect the animals for future generations. We’ve been hard at work on this ever since!

This term, we are also focussing on using Scotland’s online educational resource Glow. We will be using this to support topic work and even for some future homework tasks! Please take some time and enjoy having the children show you around this new electronic world. Through Glow you can access all kinds of information and sites – all in a safe online environment. If you have any questions about Glow, please ask Mr Henderson!

Here’s a link so you can take a look. There’s also a link on our Homepage.


P1 January News

P1 enjoyed learning all the songs for our nativity and dressing up in our costumes. Thank you to everyone who came along to watch the show! We have been looking at photos to help us remember what good fun it all was.

 Some P7 pupils have been reading stories by Scottish authors to us which has been very exciting as we love visitors.

 Now we are learning about Scotland. We have learned some Scottish words and songs and have painted pictures of Scottish castles. Duncan the piper came and answered all our questions about playing the bagpipes.

 Many children came dressed in tartan and we all took part in the danceathon for Kenya.

Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006: Consultation Events on School Handbook

Details of the Consultation Events that the Scottish Government is running on the School Handbook.

The joint East Lothian and Midlothian Consultation Event shall take place at Knox Academy in Haddington on 23 February 2011 (1900-2100).

The Consultation Events are aimed at all parents, not just Parent Councils, so any member of the Parent Forum is welcome to attend any event that is convenient for them.  They simply have to complete and return the attached form to leanne.gulisano@scotland.gsi.gov.uk as soon as possible.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland are supporting the events and many of the local authority representatives will be attending the events in their local area.

School Handbook Consultation – Engagement Events