P4Y Getting Animated

The children are very excited about the arrival of the animation kits and are enjoying working in small groups to experiment with various materials and produce short films. Miss Welsh, our Art Specialist, is looking at the work of  the Scottish sculptor and artist, Paolozzi . We hope to link this work and the children’s developing skills in animation with a final short film.

Our Scots Focus aims to look at the pastimes and toys of previous generations as well as those of today. The children will decide which elements of childhood they wish to preserve for the future and develop ways of promoting this sport, game, toy or activity.

We welcomed members of Bonnyrigg Senior Social Forum to school. The children enjoyed watching a film called “Singing Streets” and then split into groups to interview the Forum about their childhood. I was very proud of the children’s social skills!

We are now looking forward to the Scots Showcase before the February break. Poetry and songs are being committed to memory – with a lot of laughter along the way!