Primary 5 Are Mad Scientists!

 Primary 5x&y have been investigating Solids, Liquids and Gases this week and have looked at the changing state of water and other materials. They have been creating saturated solutions of sugar and salt. There were whoops of delight when they investigated the chemical change that occurs when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed together and proved that carbondioxide was produced by capturing it in a balloon! Experiments have been done looking at separating solids and liquids using evaporation. More experiments are planned for March involving filtering. They have painted Mad Scientists portraits with the Art Specialist which are brightening up our class areas.

Primary 5 have been looking at the everyday uses of decimals in their numeracy work and are really looking forward to seeing the times recorded in the Olympics next summer.

The next two weeks is Fairtrade Fortnight and P5s are going to be finding out about Fairtrade sugar from Malawi.

P4X – Scotland In The Future

On what seemed like a normal Monday morning, we were all asked to gather in the large hall. As we waited, suddenly we were greeted with the voice of Dr Who, speaking to us from the year 2052! He described what Scotland was like in the future, and that he had many concerns. Primary 4 were then given a specific challenge from Dr Who related to childhood. Children were no longer interacting with each other and playing actively and we had to think of a way we could try to stop this from happening.

 The children decided that the best way to meet the challenge was to create a brand new game or toy which would get children playing together and in an active way. This involved a bit of background research, to find out about games that have been played in the past and that are played today. To do this, the children had to interview their parents, classmates and members of the Bonnyrigg Senior Forum.

 The children then worked in groups to create their own product of the future. Once they had a design, the next stage was to organise the advertising campaign. Each group made a short film, a poster, a jingle and prepared a presentation. The short film even included some animation in the titles. These presentations were delivered during the ‘Scot’s Showcase’ in front of a panel of judges and many of the children’s family members. The panel then had to decide which product was the winning product. Well Done to the group that created the new game of ‘Football Crick’ who were chosen as the winners, due to the appeal of the game to both boys and girls, their very informative film and their well-rehearsed jingle!

 All of the games and products were creative, inventive and exciting. The children were very confident individuals, presenting extremely well in front of such a large audience. They then went on to sing some beautiful Scottish songs and recite some very funny Scot’s poetry.

 The children were able to think carefully about the influence that they can have on Scotland’s future and we hope that they will make sure we keep the Scottish childhood that we know alive!

LPS Fairtrade initiative makes the Midlothian News

Lasswade primary School are being featured in next edition of the Midlothian News. Here’s the article:

Lasswade took another big step towards becoming Midlothian’s first Fairtrade Primary School when its primary two children sold Valentine’s Day roses.

The pupils carefully wrapped each of the Fairtrade flowers in pretty cellophane and ribbon before attaching a message and selling them for £1.

Natalie, 6, was going to give her rose to her mum, dad and sister Nicole, 9. Connor was hoping to present his flower to his friend Amy and Isla’s flower was for her gran.

By selling the gifts, the children were not just bringing a smile to the faces of family and friends.

As young Jack pointed out: “It will also help farmers in poor countries.”

The roses sale is just one of a clutch of initiatives organised by the school to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight running from 28 February to 13 March.

The primary six pupils and the primary two pupils have just opened Tradey Treats, a Fairtrade tuckshop selling everything from Fairtrade healthy jelly sweets to apple juice.

A Fairtrade committee of children from throughout the school is also helping plan other events such as a fashion show in March and a Fairtrade Lasswade Cookbook.

Councillor Peter Boyes, Cabinet Member for Education, congratulated the school. He said: “Lasswade Primary School has already been awarded the second Green Eco flag so to hear the school is continuing to develop a global dimension to its activities is absolutely terrific. The journey to becoming a Fairtrade School is an excellent way to find out more about the lives of children and adults across the world. Well done to all the children and teachers involved.”

Meanwhile Liam, 6, said he thought buying Fairtrade products was very important. He said: “It means the farmers get money for schools and houses.”

MSP Visit to P6

 Rhona Brankin, MSP for Midlothian and Dr McKee, MSP for the Lothians came into P6 at Lasswade Primary School on 31 January 2011, to see their presentations.

First, when they came into class, Mrs Brankin and Dr McKee had a look at all of our models, which were a sustainable house or tardis. They both picked a few each, and brought them into class. The children that owned the chosen models, had to do a presentation.

The people that did their presentations were: Matthew Mackay, Ewan Gilchrist, Ross Peeden, Catherine Alison, Katie Wilkinson and Emma Foster.

Matthew was first to show his model. He had a movable staircase, an eco monitor and he had Hammy the hamster, who ran in his ball and at the same time, watered the flowers!

Next it was Catherine. She had an electric car, a greenhouse, a wind turbine and more.

Then it was Ross’ turn. He had a compost toilet, wind turbine and much more eco friendly ideas. Then it was Emma. She had triple glazing windows, a wood fire and a wind turbine.

Ewan was next. He had a flying tardis, and if it ran out of fuel, then it would land back on its landing pad. There was also a Composter 3000. It could take anything in it (apart from humans and animals) and it would turn it into fuel for the tardis!

Last of all was Katie. She had a rainwater barrel, compost toilet, a green roof, solar panels and a wind turbine.

 All of the presentations were fantastic and everyone enjoyed the amazing visit.

 Written by Lewis Houliston P6

Here are the Thank You letters written by some children afterwards.

MSP Letters

Burns Supper and Ceilidh

The Parent Council held a most enjoyable Burns Supper and Ceilidh on Monday night which was very well attended and supported.  A total of £232.00 was raised from this event. Big thanks to everyone who attended, donated prizes and helped to organise the night. Also thanks to Mrs Peat for the food, to Tommy Lawson and Jenny Smith for the music and of course our dance co-ordinator Mrs Campbell.  Here are some pictures: