Save Our Libraries – LPS had a Star Performer

Eilidh Babbs took part in the save our libraries protest at the Scottish Parliament. Children’s author Theresa Breslin (pictured on the wall near Eilidh) was obviously very impressed with her and wrote the following:

Hello Eilidh!

U R A * Star!

No really. It was only when you began to read that I thought ” Oh my golly gosh, I remember being totally terrified at your age when asked to read out in class and now I’ve just asked this girl to do it in front of about 200 people!” I thought you were terrific!

I’m away tomorrow to do school visiting for a couple of days in England but I will send you some signed books when i get back

Meanwhile may I put your photo up on my website? it doesn’t really show your face so no embarrassment and I’d just put your first name on ┬áif it’s OK with your mum an dad let me know and please remind me of your exact age again

I understand about the embarrassment. I hate seeing photos of myself but you know what Eilidh? I think we did something really good today – we spoke up for something we believed in and we did it not just for us, but for children who will come after us.

I’m glad I was there. No matter what happens I’m proud I was there.

Kind regards
Theresa Breslin