MSP Visit to P6

 Rhona Brankin, MSP for Midlothian and Dr McKee, MSP for the Lothians came into P6 at Lasswade Primary School on 31 January 2011, to see their presentations.

First, when they came into class, Mrs Brankin and Dr McKee had a look at all of our models, which were a sustainable house or tardis. They both picked a few each, and brought them into class. The children that owned the chosen models, had to do a presentation.

The people that did their presentations were: Matthew Mackay, Ewan Gilchrist, Ross Peeden, Catherine Alison, Katie Wilkinson and Emma Foster.

Matthew was first to show his model. He had a movable staircase, an eco monitor and he had Hammy the hamster, who ran in his ball and at the same time, watered the flowers!

Next it was Catherine. She had an electric car, a greenhouse, a wind turbine and more.

Then it was Ross’ turn. He had a compost toilet, wind turbine and much more eco friendly ideas. Then it was Emma. She had triple glazing windows, a wood fire and a wind turbine.

Ewan was next. He had a flying tardis, and if it ran out of fuel, then it would land back on its landing pad. There was also a Composter 3000. It could take anything in it (apart from humans and animals) and it would turn it into fuel for the tardis!

Last of all was Katie. She had a rainwater barrel, compost toilet, a green roof, solar panels and a wind turbine.

 All of the presentations were fantastic and everyone enjoyed the amazing visit.

 Written by Lewis Houliston P6

Here are the Thank You letters written by some children afterwards.

MSP Letters