P4X – Scotland In The Future

On what seemed like a normal Monday morning, we were all asked to gather in the large hall. As we waited, suddenly we were greeted with the voice of Dr Who, speaking to us from the year 2052! He described what Scotland was like in the future, and that he had many concerns. Primary 4 were then given a specific challenge from Dr Who related to childhood. Children were no longer interacting with each other and playing actively and we had to think of a way we could try to stop this from happening.

 The children decided that the best way to meet the challenge was to create a brand new game or toy which would get children playing together and in an active way. This involved a bit of background research, to find out about games that have been played in the past and that are played today. To do this, the children had to interview their parents, classmates and members of the Bonnyrigg Senior Forum.

 The children then worked in groups to create their own product of the future. Once they had a design, the next stage was to organise the advertising campaign. Each group made a short film, a poster, a jingle and prepared a presentation. The short film even included some animation in the titles. These presentations were delivered during the ‘Scot’s Showcase’ in front of a panel of judges and many of the children’s family members. The panel then had to decide which product was the winning product. Well Done to the group that created the new game of ‘Football Crick’ who were chosen as the winners, due to the appeal of the game to both boys and girls, their very informative film and their well-rehearsed jingle!

 All of the games and products were creative, inventive and exciting. The children were very confident individuals, presenting extremely well in front of such a large audience. They then went on to sing some beautiful Scottish songs and recite some very funny Scot’s poetry.

 The children were able to think carefully about the influence that they can have on Scotland’s future and we hope that they will make sure we keep the Scottish childhood that we know alive!