Primary 5 Are Mad Scientists!

 Primary 5x&y have been investigating Solids, Liquids and Gases this week and have looked at the changing state of water and other materials. They have been creating saturated solutions of sugar and salt. There were whoops of delight when they investigated the chemical change that occurs when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed together and proved that carbondioxide was produced by capturing it in a balloon! Experiments have been done looking at separating solids and liquids using evaporation. More experiments are planned for March involving filtering. They have painted Mad Scientists portraits with the Art Specialist which are brightening up our class areas.

Primary 5 have been looking at the everyday uses of decimals in their numeracy work and are really looking forward to seeing the times recorded in the Olympics next summer.

The next two weeks is Fairtrade Fortnight and P5s are going to be finding out about Fairtrade sugar from Malawi.