P3 Check Out Fairtrade

We have been busy finding out about Fair Trade Coffee during Fair Trade Fortnight. Some of us got the chance to taste different types of coffee. Most of us gave it the thumbs down! During the project, we visited Tesco to see what kinds of Fair Trade products they sold, where they came from and how it compares in price. We were suprised to find that it often wasn’t much more expensive!
P3x have also done a great job on their Assembly. Working with the P7 Junior Road Safety Officers, P3x became honorary Mini-JRSOs for the day and helped to share messages about choosing safe places to play and choosing safe points to cross, all the while remembering to Stop, Look, Listen and Think.
We’re just starting to look at Forces as our next topic. We’ll be learning about pushing and pulling, gravity, friction and magnets! We’re all looking forward to doing some experiments. We’re also about to start a Maths In Context focus which will be all about money and involve practical real-life style problems.