P2 are Learning about Butterflies

This month in Primary Two, we are watching the amazing changes in our caterpillars which arrived last week.   They are busily munching all the food and are getting very fat.  We are looking forward to the next stage of their lifecycle when they start to spin their cocoons.  After that we hope to see them emerge as butterflies.  We decided to follow the lifecycle of the butterfly because we are going to take part in the ‘Big Butterfly Count’ this summer.  If you would like to take part too, please visit http://www.bigbutterflycount.org/

 Our focus this term is on Plants.  We are working using a Critical Literacy approach.  Through looking at different texts and videos, we will answer lots of different questions.  By the time we visit the Botanic Gardens next month, we’ll be plant experts!

We have been visited this term by a number of ‘People Who Help Us.’  Tom and Alex Kirk’s Mum came to speak to both classes about her job as a Paediatrician. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to look at and use the instruments that she uses at the Sick Kids Hospital.   We are looking forward to being visited by Mr Smith who is a postal worker in our local area and Mr Hutchison who is the local Community Police Officer.