Primary 5 April and May News

Primary 5 have had a busy few weeks. They have planned a honeymoon tour of the UK for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, held a fashion show of wedding outfits, acted as commentators, models, videographers and photographers and enjoyed a wedding reception on a budget. Prince William could have saved a fortune!

 This past fortnight they have been involved in more budgeting, as part of their Financial Education, where they have planned a birthday party for ten children with a budget of £50.  We believe parents are delighted that the annual parties will be cheaper this year.  These plans have been displayed in our area.

In art, they have produced some beautiful butterfly paintings which are linked to our Science focus, Living Things and the Processes of Life where we are studying plants and animals.  This week saw some rather unusual red celery and dyed carnations!

 Friday the 27th May sees the final product of months of work in RME/Music/Drama/Literacy when P5 will perform their musical about Moses.  Parents are invited to the 9.15am performance.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Finally a big big thank you to Mrs Knox who has done a very good job working with P5Y this term. Mr Fruish should be back on Tuesday.