Water Lot of Fun in P4X

We began our new focus on water with an exciting visit from Generation Science. They came and taught us all about the Water Cycle and the different forms that water can take. It made everybody laugh and we got to join in with lots of fun experiments.

We followed this visit with a trip to Vogrie Country Park which is the perfect place to learn about water by studying the river and the pond. We tried out the technique of ‘kick sampling’ to discover the variety of creatures living in the River Tyne. This gave us the evidence we needed to prove that it is a clean and unpolluted river. In the pond, we even found a golden tadpole! We all had a fantastic time exploring and learning about the ecosystems at Vogrie and would love to go back!

We are now continuing this focus in class by trying out several science experiments involving water, from making a shape which can float on water to counting the number of water drops that can fit onto a penny. We are all very good at making predictions and recording our results.

Through this project, we are realising how important water is to our lives and are trying our best to make sure we are not wasting this precious resource.