Life’s a Picnic in P2

P2 had a very green Eco day on Thursday 22nd September. We talked about foods which are grown locally and in Scotland.

We looked carefully in our pack lunch boxes which we had brought for the One Planet Picnic. We decided that it was a good idea to wrap food in reusable tin foil or use plastic boxes which could be washed and used again. Lots of children had healthy lunches with cheese and grapes being very popular! Children voted for the picnic which they felt was the most Eco friendly.

We had fun reading the story of ‘Tattybogle’ the Scottish scarecrow. Then we painted him.

Finally we sang an Eco song and nominated our first Eco monitors of the year.

We decided that our Eco monitors would remind everyone to put away any litter, recycle paper, empty the recycling bin and shut down our computers at the end of every day to save electricity.