P6 Looking Forward To Robinwood

Early Wednesday morning, P6 will leave by coach to travel to Robinwood Residential Centre for three days of exciting but tiring outdoor activities; such as the Giant Swing which Lewis Hanley thinks will be screamingly funny!  Especially for the instructors watching them on their first time.

Alena Asif thinks the Archery activity will test her strength and her aim.  Canoeing takes a lot of cooperation says Katy Richardson, especially if you want to win the races.

The Piranha pool is always a firm favourite of the pupils, even though the water tends to be a bit cool.  Luckily the teachers are allowed to watch this activity.

Flying through the air is how Emma Dickson imagines the Zip-wire should be.  Miss Garraway can recommend this one and the climbing wall! 

Caving attracts a lot of interest from many in the class.  Jasmine is really looking forward to the trapeze, but it is not for the faint hearted!

Charlie, among others, is looking forward to attempting new activities, enjoying herself and working with others in her team.  The instructors are fun and hard-working with lots of enthusiasm and encourage all in their teams to give all the activities a shot. 

When they return on Friday afternoon, there will be many tired but excited pupils coming off the bus.  Good luck to them all!