P1 Going Green

Eco Day

P1 were really excited to take part in the Eco day on 22nd September. All the children and teachers dressed in green and we talked about environmental issues and looking after our planet. P1 used maths to look at food miles and work out how far our food travels before it reaches us. Harvey even brought in an apple from his neighbours garden and we talked about trying to use local produce in our lunches. For Health and wellbeing we made a healthy Scottish fruit salad from local ingredients and have used this recipe for our ‘One Planet Picnic’ competition. The children really enjoyed getting to make and taste local fruits and learning about how this helps reduce pollution. The class got to investigate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ packed lunches that demonstrated that by using re-useable plastic tubs and fruit for lunches rather than food that comes in lots of packaging we can all reduce our waste and help the environment. The children have since been asking lots of questions about protecting the earth and have come up with lots of ideas to be more eco friendly.

 Pirate Day

P1 have started their first interdisciplinary theme this month and are really enjoying learning about pirates. As national ‘talk like a pirate day’ fell on our holiday weekend we decided to have our own special Lasswade pirate day. On 15th September P1 participated in a pirate day where all our motley crew dressed up in their best pirate outfits. The class were split into different crews and got to do all kinds of fun pirate activities. We painted pirate parrot pictures, learned new pirate songs and dances, and used bee bots to find treasure. In class we got a special message from a real pirate, ‘Captain Pink Hair Black Beard’ and he asked us if we could build him a ship. So we all made a great big pirate ship and our own pirate hats and Jolly Roger flags. We have been digging for gold treasure in the sandpit and been building pirate ships out of lego in our construction area. We have also used all the props we have made and brought in, in our role play area. We are such scary pirates that even the rats we made are scared of us!