P5 Still Globe Trotting

Primary 5s have started their Novel Study, “The Scarecrow and his Servant” by Philip Pullman and are enjoying the story very much. They have been doing lots of active learning and drama activities. The children are reading various texts at home which they have personally chosen and are recording their comments in a special yellow and green reading diary.

Primary 5s are continuing their travels around the world and have visited very many places.  They have studied Australia, China and USA in particular.  Both classes are delighted that the class averages  exceed  15000 steps each day and we appreciate the children’s continued effort in the Global Children’s Challenge. We hope that being more active for the last 50 days will be a lifelong habit which will continue after the challenge has finished on November 3rd.

In RME, both classes have been learning about Parables, such as The Good Samaritan, The Sower of the Seed etc.   Now they are studying Festivals of Light, starting with the Hindu Festival of Diwali, where they will be making clay Diva lamps and Rangoli Patterns.

In Science, they are about to study Light and Sound.