P1 Have Been Busy

P1 have been enjoying learning about Autumn through co-operative learning strategies.  In groups, the children did a structured sort to learn more about animals that hibernate.  The children worked with their talking partner to discuss the features of Autumn and they reported back to their own class.

P1 have been enjoying their PE times with Mrs Campbell the PE specialist and with Mrs Thomson.  The children have been learning how to work safely in the large hall and have been learning the skills of balancing, throwing and catching.

P1 have also had the opportunity to work with our work experience student, Laura Melrose, from Lasswade High School on Wednesdays.

We are looking forward to learning different skills through our Interdisciplinary Learning theme of ‘Fairyland’ this term.  We are also going to be starting to work on our Nativity performance soon which is very exciting!  We will be working with Mrs Doyle the Music Specialist and our P1 class teachers.  Parents will be able to come and enjoy our performance on 16th December and we will be performing for the school on 15th December.

Also with Christmas in mind, we will be making lots of beautiful things to sell at our stall at the school Christmas Fair on Monday 28th  November at 6pm at Lasswade High School.  We hope to see you all there!