P1 News

Primary 1 have been very busy recently getting ready for their Nativity Play.  The children will be performing for the school on Thursday 15th December and for their families and friends on Friday 16th December.  They are really excited about their first performances in Primary 1!

Primary 1 are also looking forward to their visits to Bonnyrigg Sorting Office on Wednesday and Thursday as part of our work during Community Month.

Some really exciting news in Primary 1 recently was that a dragon had been visiting us to seek our help in rebuilding Fairyland.  He left us letters asking for our help.  Some of the letters were a bit burned as he told us that when he smiled or laughed some flames came out of his mouth.  The poor dragon couldn’t help it.  The children have been working hard to help him by building beanstalks, castles and cottages for the characters of Fairyland.  The children have put together a fantastic book showing all the work they have done.