School Open Tomorrow – Update from Midlothian Council

Almost all of Midlothian Council’s schools, offices and premises are set to open tomorrow (Friday 9 December) as normal.

The Council anticipates reopening facilities closed today as part of co-ordinated efforts to safeguard public safety.

The emergency closures were imposed as a result of severe high winds categorised as a Red Alert by the Met Office – the highest level of weather warning.

The situation will be monitored closely overnight.

One exception will be the nursery at Roslin Primary School, which was damaged by a ceiling collapse . Parents and carers have been advised that this nursery will definitely be closed tomorrow (Friday 9 December.)

Parents, carers and residents are advised to check Radio Forth, the BBC or Black Diamond, visit the Council’s website or Facebook or Twitter presences in the morning.

Council staff have also been working to help clear fallen trees and clear debris caused by the high winds, which reached a reported 90 miles an hour in some gusts.