P6 News

Science is the main focus this term when the pupils learn about the Human Body and the different body systems; such as the circulatory system the importance of having a healthy heart.  Linking with this, we will be investigating healthy eating and even looking at the ingredients on food wrappers has led to some interesting comments.  Small packets of Juicy Fruits have more saturated fats than a bar of chocolate!

The reproductive system is taught alongside the human body and we will be visiting the zoo in April to find out about mammals and their young.

Substance abuse is another part of our science learning.  We will discover the different kinds of substances which can damage our body and how this in turns, can affect our relationships with friends and families.

Love Your Library

Midlothian Council are having a Love Your Library Week from 4th to 11th February, there are lots of special events in the libraries on Saturday 4th February and the attached leaflet gives you all the details.

PS. They are also having a library fines amnesty during this week  so if your books are overdue this is the week to return them!





P2 News

P2 decided to help a local charity shop for our Community Focus in December.

Both classes worked together and the children decided to set up their own shop in school which opened for business on one afternoon just before Christmas.

First everyone brought in books, games and toys which they were finished with. Everything was then sorted, priced and sold by the children for 20p, 50p or £1. The shop was really busy and nearly everything was sold. We raised an amazing £70!

This month, we donated the money to Arthritis Research in Bonnyrigg. Bethany and Michaella went along with their mums and were excellent representatives of our school. They both took really good photos to help us to remember how we have all been Responsible Citizens by helping others.

P5 News

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare your time machine! We are off to explore castles!

P5 children have been investigating motte and bailey castles, having a merry time with sand and lollipop sticks.  They have been reading for information about early castles and why they were built. Plans are eagerly being made to transform the class areas into the great hall of a castle.

In ICT we are going on a castle adventure where we will be designing our own coat of arms, budgeting for building a castle, dressing a knight in his armour and finding out what life was like in a medieval castle.

In maths we have been focussing on 2D and 3D shapes which is helping us to understand the structure of castles.

Last week we were busily rehearsing for the Community Showcase  – tuning our air guitars and shaking our rock and roll hair! We hope you enjoyed our performance and your visit to our class.

How Well Do You Know Your School?

Liz Fitzpatrick from a company called Playback will be attending the next Parent Council Meeting at 6pm on Monday 16th January. Playback have been developing a Self Evaluation tool for Parents working in Partnership with the School to encourage Parent Councils to reflect on what they currently do and what improvements could be made to support the school’s improvement agenda. If you would like to hear more about this please come along to the meeting. More information is in the link below.

How Well Do You Know Your School?

The regular Parent Council Meeting business will start at 7pm as usual.