Learning Council Update

Here are 2 updates from the Learning Council on their visit to Lasswade High School Centre

On Friday the 3rd February we went to Lasswade  High   School and we met the Head teacher Mr Jaster.  We got a tour round of the school and we saw lots of pupils in class. We went to the Gymnasium and saw some girls warming up, one of the girls in the Learning Council got to jump on the bouncy floor.

We saw a few pupils sewing with proper sewing machines and we saw a lot of pupils doing home Economics. Also we went in to the CDT room and saw lots of pupils making wooden clocks. One or two pupils were using a razor to bend metal and there was sparks coming off.

We went to the Drama studio and it was really big, we got to sit on the stage. We made our way to the assembly hall and we got some juice and biscuits. Then all of the Learning Council went back to their own school.

We went to LHSC on the 3 February. We were given a tour around the whole school! I even heard someone say  ‘This is as big as an airport!’ (now you know how big it is)

When we went to the CDT room it was very noisy. The gymnastics studio was amazing as they had a special bouncy floor. Some girls were warming up for PE. The new school will have a gymnastics studio with a bouncy floor too.

Before the tour was over we went to the drama room and it was very interesting. We then made our way to the assembly hall and we got juice and a biscuit, it was fun!

Then we all went back to our own schools.

by Neve, Ellen, Kayleigh and Jack