Queens Diamond Jubilee

There are some events in school this week to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee. On Thursday 31st May there is a special Garden Party Lunch at school. Children are invited to dress up for the event and there will be a prize for the best dressed boy and girl. The cost of lunch is the usual £1.70.

On Friday 1st June we will be having a Playground Street Party. A special homework letter has been sent home to everyone but to summarise:

Jubilympics Fashion Show – Children are to dress in red, white and blue.

Make a Cool Crown or Tiara for the crazy crown race

Make a 1952 style sandwich and bring in the brown paper bag provided

Optional Extras:

Nursery & P1-4 – practise running races and old fashioned ones such as sack race or egg and spoon.

P5-7 – practise with a friend doing the wheelbarrow, skipping with a rope or the 3 legged race (bring a scarf to tie legs together)

Here’s the sheet that was sent home: Special Jubilee Homework the nursery are doing their tasks in class

Hope everyone has a fantastic time and looking forward to seeing some creative outfits.