News from P7

Mr Rae and our new P7s have settled into the Ochils wing and have been working hard already.

We started the year by taking a look at Peace and how this affects the Rights of a Child.  We have answered questions in home teams on Conflict and have considered some of the causes of conflict within our country.

Both classes enjoyed a Drama Taster session with Love Drama, which provided the pupils with the opportunity to develop their skills in improvisation and performance.

This week the pupils were presented with a Challenge.  The challenge is to design and create a pop-up restaurant within our school.  The pupils couldn’t wait to get started and have begun thinking about the types of food that they will serve already.  We plan to invite our parents and carers once the restaurant is launched.

As we work towards our 3rd Green Flag, there are a number of jobs to do.  A group of pupils worked with Mr Rae to begin harvesting and clearing the vegetables and plants from our raised beds. Next week we will begin planting vegetables for winter and spring.

You might remember the work that P7/6 did last year on Micro financing.  Our entrepreneur has repaid nearly all of the £100 we lent to her.  P7X will now begin deciding on a new investment opportunity.

Keep checking our class page for more interesting news from P7X.