Our New Learning Council

Learning Council 2012-2013


This session is going to be a very exciting one for our P5 Learning Council. Every year a small group of children are selected from P5. These children find out what is happening in other schools and share their learning. They then share lots of new information with the rest of our school at Assembly or our Citizenship gatherings.

We started off four years ago with Hawthornden Primary, then the following year Hopefield Primary joined us. Two years ago we were joined by Bonnyrigg Primary and Loanhead Primary. Last session Paradykes Primary and Rosewell Primary joined us. That is all the schools in the LHSC cluster!

We will have monthly visits to find out what happens in these different schools.

Our new Learning Council members this session are Alexandra, Adam, Alex, Jack, Eilidh and Tracy. They have had their first meeting with Mrs Fox and on Thursday 24 September they will have their first visit – to Bonnyrigg Primary.

Visit dates

5 November      Lasswade PS             10 December  Rosewell

28 January       LHSC                        18 February   Hawthornden

18 March          Hopefield/Burnbrae   22 April         Loanhead

13 May             Paradykes                 10 June        Summer outing