P2 Have A Sense of Fun

Primary 2 have been very busy since returning to school after the summer holidays.

We have spent lots of time making up our own Class Charter and thinking about our rights and responsibilities. We have also been thinking about what makes a quality pupil and also a quality teacher!

We have now all got new reading books and are working hard to remember our key words and practise our reading every day.

We have been learning about 2D shapes and have used shape tiles to make our own robot pictures. We also used triangles to make our own kites and had great fun flying them outside in the playground! ‘It was a fun thing to do’ said Arran!

Our topic this term is about our senses and we have done lots of different activities to help us become more aware of each of our senses. We have enjoyed making our own shakers and playing in our own band! We have also been investigating the effect of vibrations on a drum using rice! We have made a rainbow collage and took part in a rainbow treasure hunt in the playground. We have also looked at how our senses help us to spot danger and did really well identifying lots of dangers in a kitchen.

We were very lucky to have the show ’Be Safe, Be Seen’ come to the school and we had a great time watching and learning about how to cross the road safely.