P7 Get A Pizza The Action

P7 have returned from an exciting visit to Frankie and Benny’s at Straiton today. They travelled on the bus to Loanhead and walked the short journey from the bus stop. When they arrived, the class asked the Manager some interesting questions about the restaurant which she answered for us.

Some of the questions were:

How many Frankie and Benny’s restaurants are there in the UK?

What do you think makes F&B so successful?

What training do you have to do before you can work here?

After the question and answer session, the pupils participated in a paired activity to work out the reasons for wearing uniforms while serving and cooking food. All of these activities helped them to think more carefully about food hygiene and safety and will support them in their own restaurant project.

The best part of the trip was when each pupil had the opportunity to create their own personal pizza using fresh ingredients and enjoy it freshly cooked from the pizza oven. While they were cooking, the pupils were treated to a ‘Mocktail Masterclass’ by Zoe, who created them some tasty drinks.

The pupils now plan to write to Anna, Zoe and the Frankie and Benny’s staff to thank them for the visit and to invite them to hear about their own restaurants later in the term.