P5 Global Childrens Challenge

Primary 5 have been taking part in the Global Children’s Challenge this term and we are having lots of fun keeping fit and learning about different countries. Each pupil wears a pedometer for 50 days to count the number of steps we take, we try to make as many steps as we can to be fit and healthy – we’re each aiming to make around 15,000 steps every day. We then add them all together and divide the amount by the number of pupils in the class to find our class average amount of steps – there is a lot of maths involved and we’re all getting lots of practice at reading big numbers! We then input our class average on the computer and move along a map as we make a virtual tour of the world, the more steps we make, the further we will go. So far we’ve been to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cape Canaveral, Disney World, Angel Falls, the Amazon Rainforest and South Africa. We’ve learned a lot about each country on our tour and are all really enjoying the challenge of trying to walk around the world. It’s a great way to keep fit and learn at the same time!