Learning Council Update

Here are some reports from the Learning Council on the recent visit to Lasswade.

On Monday we had a visit from the Learning Councils from Bonnyrigg, Hawthornden, Burnbrae, Loanhead, Paradykes and Rosewell. We did the potato challenge. We all went in our groups and we looked at our potatoes and we remembered what they looked like. We got 8 more spare and then we tossed them on the table and we found our own one.

Then we gave our potato a name and we designed it. After that we got in our groups and we made a home in a group and all of the potatoes in a group became a family.

Then we gave our visitors a tour and snack and juice. We had a really good afternoon!

By Adam Alsudani P5X

On Monday the 5th  of November we held the Learning Council Visit at our school. First we welcomed the other schools. Then we got back into our teams and did a voice on the table by telling our groups what our favourite TV programme is.

Next we did something called the potato challenge where you have a potato and treat it like a child and we gave our team potatoes a house. It was really fun and I hope the others enjoyed it too.

By Eilidh & Tracey.

After our Potato Challenge we went to the class rooms and showed our visitors around.

We showed them the tyre park and willow dome then we had a snack and we said good bye.

By Jack and Alex