P2 News

Primary 2 are enjoying their novel study about The Snail and the Whale. They have pretended to be the snail writing postcards back to their friends on the rock. They have also been thinking about solutions to the very big problem of the whale beaching itself on the sand. They were able to come up with some wonderful suggestions about how they could save the whale! They have made their own snails using different materials and have helped to create a class display. They have also experimented with different percussion instruments to recreate some of the places the snail goes to on its journey with the whale.

In maths we are learning how to measure and have been using our feet, hands, straws and pencils to help us measure the length of different objects. We have also been weighing objects to decide which object was heavier or lighter and then weighing objects using cubes, bears and pegs. It was lots of fun using the scales!

For our numeracy we have been working hard to learn our subtraction facts and doing lots of practise in the classroom and also at home.

We are pleased that so many children are trying hard with their spelling and reading at home. They really enjoy our story time in class and are able to answer lots of questions about each of the books. The visit from the author was a huge success. He captured the children’s imagination and attention and had them all laughing which was really great to see.