Tale Spinners Storytellers

P6 had two excellent sessions with the storytellers this week who are working on a pilot project to develop a Children’s Storytelling Festival – with stories told by the children. The workshops fit with Curriculum for Excellence principles, is inclusive as well as providing a medium for tackling issue-based based work where appropriate
The children will learn the basics of storytelling – be given the opportunity to give their own critique on what they think makes a good storyteller and will all participate in developing their storytelling skills. The sessions will entail group-work, games and storytelling followed by an evaluation. No reading or writing is required in the session as the emphasis is about developing creativity, confidence, teamwork and listening skills. This will provide the teacher the opportunity to observe all class participants interacting and tackling the tasks put before them. The workshops will be followed up with a class certificate of participation to mark the occasion and celebrate their achievement.