P3 Football News

Primary 3 have completed a six week coaching programme with the Scottish Football Association. The pupils developed football and fitness skills and took part in mini football games.

P3 Invite to Parents for Thursday 6th December

Primary 3 pupils invite their parents to join them on Thursday 6th December for a morning or afternoon of maths and numeracy activities based around well known Fairytales. Parents are invited to join Primary 3Y between 10.45 – 12.00, and to join Primary 3X between 1.45 – 3.00pm. We hope that parents and children will dress up as their favourite fairytale characters.

P5 Assembly Photos

P5 held their assembly on St Andrews day and told the story of St Andrew and how his life and death led to the saltire or St Andrews cross becoming the national flag of Scotland. They also told us about some Scottish sporting heroes. As ever with P5 it was wonderfully thought out and filled with fun and facts. Here are some photos.

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