P2 April News

Primary 2 have really enjoyed a fantastic start back after the Easter break with our focus on how to look after a baby. We spent a lot of time thinking about quality questions to ask our Special Guest, Mrs Knox, who came in with her wee baby. Mrs Knox knew so much about looking after a baby that she was able to answer all our questions – even the really tricky ones! As part of the topic the classes had a visit from Children 1st who were talking to the classes about healthy friendships and how to have healthy friendships. This was a really interesting session that the children got a lot out of.

P2Y produced a fabulous assembly at the end of the focus to share their learning with the whole school and their parents. They shared their learning about the rights of a baby and sang lots of their favourite songs from when we were children, helped by the boys and girls from P2X.

They have also had the experience of ‘Enjoy-A-Ball’ which was a fun session to give the children a taster of some different ball games. It was lots of fun chasing each other around with different types of ball!

Both Primary 1 and 2 were very lucky to have ‘Pink the Musical’ come to school. This was a fantastic interpretation of the book by Lynne Rickards. It looked at how people are all different but equal and touched on gender stereotypes. This linked really well to work we have already done in class about the importance of treating everyone equally and with respect.