Active Schools update

Active Schools along with a number of other Midlothian Council departments and initiatives have developed their own website to use rather than the council one.  It was only launched this week and will fill up with more information as time goes on, but feel free to take a look and any feedback you may have would be appreciated.

On the website there is a page for Lasswade Active Schools where you can download the latest copy of the newsletter along with the activities on offer each term I will be putting the August-October sessions together over the summer so it should appear here to download by the time the pupils return and I will notify you by email.  The newsletter itself should be coming home in school bags next week.

We are running an initiative called the Midlothian Commonwealth Passport where children can get Gold, Silver and Bronze medals depending on how many sports they try between July and March.  The opportunities are listed on the website however it is only open to P4-7 (2013/14) school year (apologies if this does not apply to your child) I have been round all the schools with either class visits or assemblies to promote this and the children should be bringing their passports home any day now.  The link below will give you more information however if you have any questions then please get in touch.