P2 News

Primary 2 have been learning about autumn and harvest. They have listened to a story about a scarecrow called Tattybogle. They then designed their own scarecrows in a field or made a large class scarecrow. They have investigated different foods produced in Scotland and some of the machines used to harvest these foods. They have also had fun making tractor tracks in the sand. Primary 2 are now very busy practising for their harvest assembly. They have words to learn as well as songs and actions. We look forward to sharing this with primary 2 parents, and the whole school, on Thursday 10th October.

In maths we have been learning about shape and pattern. We can now name lots of 2D and 3D shapes and talk about some of their properties. For numeracy we are practising our addition using a sheep addition game with dice.

 We are continuing to work hard on our cursive script making fields from cursive patterns and finger crayons to join letters.

Thank you to everyone who made such an effort to support the One World Picnic, it was a great success.