Learning Council News

On our very first visit of the Learning Council Bonnyrigg, Burnbrae and Hawthornden came to visit our school. We gathered them into the small hall and they made a name badge.

Then we got into a circle and played the name game and pass the ball to get to know each other. We had some visitors from Sweden too as they were visiting Hawthornden that day!

After the ball game we got into our groups and did a carousel about all the things we had in common. This helped us to come up with a group name and a group identity. We made a shield for our group. These will go around all the schools with us.

The Lasswade pupils from each group then gave a tour of the school to all our visitors.

After the tours we had some juice, biscuits and fair trade sweets.

Everyone really enjoyed their afternoon.

By Euan and Michael from the Learning Council