P5 News

Primary 5 have had a very busy time since the start of this session. We have enjoyed lots of outdoor and active learning.

This included an evidence-based walk around the area to visit historical sites linked to local industry in the past. On 25th September we visited the Mining Museum at Newtongrange, had a guided tour, dressed up in historical clothing and enjoyed using the interactive displays. We debated the roles of men, women and children who worked in the mining community linked to the museum display ‘A Race Apart’. We have also been very creative in our drama role play and miming challenges. This helped us to learn about the mine jobs and also about the machinery used in the various other local industries such as the carpet factory and paper mill. We hope that you will join us on Friday 22nd November at 9.15 when we will share this learning in our assembly.

P5 children have also been working together outdoors for maths work. We have been completing measuring challenges using a variety of measuring tools for different lengths and distances. The children loved measuring the perimeter of the playground using trundle wheels and recording their findings.

We have also been thinking about the lengths of shadows linked to our science topic about light and dark. We have been testing different materials in a special light box to find out if they were reflective or not. We have also been sorting materials into sets which are reflective, not very reflective, opaque,translucent or transparent. We have also been discussing light sources and things which are not light sources.

In Primary 5 we have budding golfers! We have been practising chips and pitching at targets. We have been estimating how far we hit the ball. We are orienteering this month with help from students from the Edinburgh College.

We are now learning about the Festivals of Light starting with Divali. We have been modelling clay diva lamps and will be discussing and creating Rangoli patterns.