P4X News

P4x have had a very busy last couple of weeks to this term. In Numeracy, we have moved our focus from multiplication and division to subtraction. To help us practice our skills we made subtraction games and Miss Broad was very impressed with our creativity. Some pupils made board games which used dice and counters, others made a game that used a pack of cards and some even created games with a theme including football and a car race track. Perhaps one of these games will be the ‘Monopoly’ of the future! We have also looked at subtraction word problems all with a festive season twist and had a go at writing some of our own. Here are couple of super examples….

‘Santa has 179 elves placed around the world but 56 of them are on strike. How many are still working?’ (By Gregor)

‘I left 20 carrots for Rudolf. He ate 5, how many did he leave?’ (By Iona)

‘There are 25 presents. I opened 7, how many are left to open?’ (By Rory Gilfillan)

This week our topic of Electricity draws to a close. We have learnt about how to make a circuit and enjoyed experimenting with the equipment, especially when we tested everyday objects to see whether they are conductors or insulators. Our writing in recent weeks has been based on our topic, we have learnt about how to write reports of our science experiments and also created leaflets with factual information about electricity.

On Tuesday we had a great time at the P4 Christmas Party. We played lots of games, showed off our dance moves and enjoyed the party food. Now we are all looking forward to the holiday break!