Scots Focus Showcase

Our Scots Focus showcase will take place on Monday 27th January in our gym hall to which everyone is invited.  

The showcase is an opportunity to share with parents the work which has been undertaken during our Scots Focus.  Each stage will be given a 10 minute time slot (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to perform to parents. 

Refreshments will be served here throughout the day.

Parents will also have an opportunity to visit class areas so pupils can show and talk about the work which has been undertaken. P6X and P7Y will be focusing on their work for the Moscars so they will not have parents back to class re Scots focus work.

10:00           P7                                            1:30             P7     
10:10           P2                                            1:40             P2
10:20           P5                                            1:50             P5
10:30           Nursery                                2:00            Nursery
10.50           P6                                            2:10             P6
11.00            P4                                            2:20            P4
11:10            P1                                             2:30            P1
11:20           P3                                              2:40            P3

We look forward to welcoming you!