Learning Council Visit to Lasswade High School

Firstly we got into our home teams to catch up on what we had been doing since the last visit. The prefects from Lasswade high school came around the home teams to introduce themselves and then the Head Teacher Mr Williamson introduced himself, but sadly he couldn’t stay with us because he had a meeting to go to. Then Mrs Parker the Mandarin teacher took over and gave us some Chinese facts, like gunpowder was invented in China and so on. Then we had a quiz in our teams. After the quiz Mrs Parker asked us who we thought out of seven people were Chinese. None of us got it right because they were all Chinese even though they looked as different as could be. After that we had a snack and learnt some Chinese words such as ‘Ni hao’, ‘Wo jiao’, and ‘Ni jiao shenme’ it was really fun learning them. Lastly we got our quiz results the winners were the Chocolate Writers they got an applause and a sticker from Mrs Parker. We all said goodbye to our home teams and went back to our schools we had a really good visit and we are looking forward to our next one ‘Zaijan’

By Michael and Elle from the Learning Council