Sportshall Athletics

Well done to Lasswade pupils attending the Sporthall athletics on Thursday.  We received this complimentary letter from the local Active Schools Co-Ordinator, Jenna McCandlish.

May I take this opportunity to thank Mauricewood Primary, King’s Park Primary and Lasswade Primary school pupils as Sportshall Athletics representatives for their great effort, sportsmanship and also their exceptional behaviour at the yesterday’s event.

Thank you to all school staff and school helpers that attended the event.  This event is traditionally more frenetic than the Midlothian event, so I thank the staff for co-ordinating the teams to full effect.

I would also like to thank Karen Campbell for putting together such a super joint Lasswade and King’s Park team and Fiona Robson for her great influence on the Mauricewood team.

Finally, I would like to thank Linden Nicholson and Davie McConnell who helped in a volunteering role at the event as representatives of Lasswade Athletics Club and Active Schools Midlothian.