Nursery News

November has seen the nursery doing so well, raising money for nursery and also Children In Need.
We began the month, with our annual bake sale raising £359.08! Friends and family supported their children, baking, helping and enjoying a cup of tea/coffee whilst listening to our Autumn selection of songs.
The money that we raised, allowed us to get our ‘Mud Kitchen’ up and running, buying aprons, trolley, utensils and menu board, and it  is going down a treat!  It is very much the latest ‘have to have’ in preschool  education, and is so much fun!  We have sampled everything from Chocolate Soup to Porridge and Peas!! (the odd worm just adds to the flavour!)
For Children in Need, we supported it by turning out in our onesies and bringing along our onesies (1p’s) to create a 1p onesie for Pudsey Bear.  We raised an amazing £40 from all these 1p’s….Brilliant!  Thanks for your continued support.
This year we discussed Remembrance Day, where the children were understanding the concept of ‘remembering’ and why we wear the poppy.  Children remembered so many wonderful things ie. special holidays or special people who had been part of their lives.
Road Safety Week turned out to be a big hit,  with a visit from Sandra and Jimmy the local lollipop people who gave the children the opportunity to try on their uniform as well as teaching them about Road Safety. A big thank you to them both, many of our children have already chosen their future career!  The week ended with our Road Safety Question Time with children competing on the subject……Road Safety! …………and becoming VERY competitive……including Miss Reid!!